Respect – We will foster mutual respect by:
  • Appreciating differences and unique needs of individuals.
  • Showing concern for each other.
  • Respecting the talents of staff and volunteers and trusting them to use their skills to benefit the membership.
Innovation – We will be open in our approach to service by:
  • Recognizing the need for change and being proactive to facilitate change.
  • Consistently looking for creative solutions and being open to new ideas.
  • Have the courage to take the initiative.
Integrity – We will be accountable to our members and each other by:
  • Taking ownership of problems.
  • Accepting responsibility for the actions that we take.
  • Following through on our promises.
Teamwork – We will build trusting relationships with our members, peer organizations and each other by:
  • Encouraging the free flow of information through honest communication.
  • Fostering and encouraging a sense of trust and community.
  • Tearing down any barrier that inhibits partnerships between volunteers, staff and members of the Credit Union.
Personal Development – We will be committed to the professional development of the staff and volunteers by:
  • Taking advantage of any opportunity to learn.
  • Provide staff with the resources to accomplish their job.
  • Make staff and volunteer training a priority in order to fulfill the trust and expectations of our members for quality service.
Our members say…
“I joined the Credit Union as soon as it started. You have always helped me when I needed financial support and have been a friend who has never let me down.”
Ms. Pat Young
“I have been a credit union member for quite some time now, and I have not ever had anything bad to say at all. The staff is always so very friendly and courteous and always smiling! Keep up the good work!”
Ms. Sandra Cowart
“Wouldn’t deal with any other.”
Ms. Gloria M. Beasley